Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Rename sqaud for it insults Romeo, says plea; what’s in a name, asks HC

Lucknow: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By whatever other word would smell as sweet."

The Lucknow seat of the Allahabad high court had gotten an open intrigue prosecution documented by Rituraj Mishra who looked for the adjustment for the sake of the squad on a request that the utilization of "Romeo" abuse the artistic character.

"In the event that the dedicating of the squad has been accomplished for a fair reason, then to co-relate it to an offense to writing without understanding the substance thereof is completely lost and does not offer ascent to a justiciable cause," said the seat of Justice AP Sahi and Justice Sanaji Harkauli.  Read more:- Mobile Number Database Provider

"The measure is to keep any inconvenience or disturbance or make pressure any female while going to open spots. It is for the abridgement of a state of mind that has created in the public eye, prompting a feeling of frailty, that the administration has made strides by naming it against Romeo squad. This does not really imply that the state government or police are opposed to the name and character of Romeo or that Romeo was an eve-secret as comprehended in today's unique circumstance," said the seat.

Source:- TOI

UP was ‘high’ on liquor consumption in election year

Lucknow: The 22 crore-odd populace of the state expends an astounding 56 crore liter of liquor in a year. The money related year shutting survey done by the extract office demonstrates that liquor utilization in UP has been consistently ascending throughout the years. Every individual in the state expended 2.54 liter of liquor every year a year ago, up from 2.39 liter in 2015.

With diminished alcohol rates, the division was hustling ahead in the principal half of the money related year (2016-2017) to accomplish its objective of Rs 19,250 crore, an amazing Rs 5,000 crore over the income produced in 2015-2016. "Because of the changed situation, a great deal of things must be put on hold unexpectedly. Last income is yet to be assessed however it will be at standard with the earlier year. We may likewise need to return charges to around 1,500 to 2,000 permit holders in UP," said Ram Sagar Tiwari, extra extract chief.  Read more:- Mobile Number Database Provider

As the administration emphasized on Monday that all alcohol shops situated close religious spots, instructive organizations and healing centers ought to likewise be closed down, alcohol merchants are thinking that its difficult to search for reasonable spaces.

Out of 8,500 alcohol shops, which were hit by the summit court arrange, 5,500 businesspeople had demonstrated enthusiasm to move to spots 500 meters far from interstates. In Lucknow for example, Ring Road, which associates Polytechnic and Engineering school by means of Munshipulia, has been gravely hit.

Source:- TOI

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

As Ram Jethmalani Agrees to Fight Pro-bono, AAP Doubles Down on Allegations Against Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Hours after senior legal counselor Ram Jethmalani consented to battle the maligning body of evidence against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal "for nothing", the Aam Aadmi Party multiplied down on the claims of defilement against Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

He then lined it up with a progression of tweets, expounding further on the AAP's assertions against the FM "On 08.01.09 again @arunjaitley got Rs 36 lakh from Anil Ambani's Reliance ADA Grp. The cash was paid thrgh ICICI A/C no 000405031592. Dear @narendramodi (Narendra Modi) sir, shd @arunjaitley be managing matters identified with Anil Ambani by any stretch of the imagination? Shd he be meeting Anil practically consistently? I will sit tight for your answer @narendramodi Sir and @arunjaitley. Despite the fact that I know your reaction would be another CBI/ACB case agnst some AAP part. Dear @narendramodi sir, the ED test agnst Anil Ambani's organizations hv been moping." Bulk whatsapp sms service provider

Source:- News18

P Chidambaram Questions BJP's Strategy in UP Assembly Polls

Chennai: Congress pioneer P Chidambaram on Monday thought about whether it is conceivable to guarantee long haul financial development by barring the biggest minority group or ladies or in reverse groups from Assembly surveys.

"The 'sab ka saath sab ka vikas' motto has gained another and evil importance. Envision a circumstance where no lady is handled as applicant by one of the national gatherings or a circumstance where a national gathering decays to handle competitors in seats saved for booked positions or planned tribes," Chidambaram said.

He made these remarks while conveying the main yearly address on the theme 'Will India Script a Uninterrupted Growth Story', composed by The Hindu Center for Politics and Public Policy in Chennai. Bulk whatsapp sms service provider

"I ask you, is it conceivable to guarantee long haul financial development by barring the biggest minority group or ladies or the booked ranks or the planned tribes (from challenging gathering surveys)," he said.

Prior, the previous Union Finance Minister pummeled the BJP government for "falling flat" to embrace any changes to help the financial development in the monetary allowance exhibited in 2014.

Source:- News18

Monday, 3 April 2017

Afghanistan women swim against threats for Olympic dream

KABUL: There are 30 pools in Afghanistan, special case that invites young ladies — and it is confronting activist dangers for doing as such. All things considered a modest bunch are making a plunge, pioneers hustling to accomplish Olympic greatness in Tokyo.

The account of the 25-year-old mentor and leader of the Women's Swimming Committee, Elena Saboori, exemplifies the battle to swim in a traditionalist, clash tormented nation that to a great extent restricts ladies participating in games. A lady companion first took her for swimming, yet after that she showed herself by downloading recordings and honing in the pool in Kabul. "I feared suffocating, however that is the point at which I thought I'd turned into a mentor, since young ladies don't know how to swim here," said Saboori, a financial aspects understudy. Saboori said that she had been encouraged to avoid the pool after vicious dangers were made for permitting her group to prepare there.

"I realize that I have broken a forbidden. I went out on a limb by propelling this group." The dangers incorporate a blossoming Taliban uprising. Be that as it may, Afghanistan's patriarchal, ultra-traditionalist society, where many trust ladies ought to be hidden and limited to the home, includes another layer of hazard. Saboori and her group can't swim with their backs, arms or thighs uncovered. The group is in contact with a Brazilian firm to outline swimwear. Until then, they wear tights and dark lycra, since quite a while ago sleeved tops under one-piece bathing suits, with a swimming top covering their hair. Mobile Number database provider

"The fundamental obstruction for our swimmers is wellbeing, obviously," said the leader of the Afghan Federation of Swimming, Sayed Ihsan Taheri. "We plan to be at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, with a group of no less than two men and one lady." That lady will be Afghanistan's first historically speaking female Olympic swimmer.

Source:- Timesofindia

An Android game with Bangladeshis killing Pakistanis is a virtual hit

NEW DELHI: Bangladeshis are having an awesome time killing Pakistanis - for all intents and purposes.

That is all on account of a smooth Android diversion called 'Legends of 71: Retaliation' - part supported by the Bangladesh government - the background of which is the Bangladesh Liberation War.

This amusement and its forerunner 'Legends of 71' have been downloaded somewhat more than 40 lakh times with more than 25 lakh of those downloads from out of Bangladesh, the nation's The Daily Star daily paper revealed a week ago. It's a bonafide hit.

How might it not be? An exemplary 'decent versus insidious', 'underdog versus spook' story with a gigantic measurements of feel-great patriotism - and the opportunity to explode a few adversaries - affirm, Pakistanis - en route.

Legends of 71: Retaliation - Game clasp 200:45Heroes of 71: Retaliation - Game clasp 2

Obviously, at the season of the genuine war, they were called "West Pakistanis" and "East Pakistanis"- the last went ahead to win the war and progressed toward becoming Bangladeshis - at awesome chances and with a little assistance from a companion, India. Mobile Number database provider

Depend on it however, the amusement is bleeding, ridiculous, as grisly as the genuine war in 1971 when Pakistanis murdered between a few million individuals - Bangladesh asserts the last number is nearer to the genuine figure.

Source:- Timesofindia

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ring Road flyover ‘sags’, agencies say it’s safe

NEW DELHI: A section of the Bhikaji Cama Place flyover's wall, to all appearances, may be sagging dangerously with a wide gap visible to commuters but both Delhi government's public works department (PWD) and Delhi Metro say there is nothing to worry about. This has happened in the carriageway carrying traffic towards Dhaula Kuan on Ring Road.

Drivers have raised an alarm over the past few days. At the point of the fracture, there is scaffolding supporting the structure and the area has been cordoned off. The wall on the side of the carriageway has also been cordoned off by concrete barricades to keep the traffic away. But the reaction of the two agencies to what is a matter of public safety has been very lukewarm.

According to a senior PWD official, a problem had been noticed a month ago and was resolved. "Delhi Metro is carrying out work in the area, and when they were digging under the flyover, some earth settled. We took up the matter with DMRC and they have carried out the necessary repairs. There are some broken panels which are clearly causing some worry among users and we will have them replaced. There is otherwise no danger to traffic and the flyover is safe for use," said the official.

unfortunately, civic agencies wake up only when a mishap occurs, Preventive steps are a remote idea for them. It is only because no accountability clause applies to anyone.

Delhi Metro, too, claimed no major repairs are pending here. A DMRC spokesperson told TOI: "A portion of the ramp of the flyover on Ring Road is being monitored as DMRC has made a subway under the flyover through box pushing technology." The spokesperson stressed the fact that it was only "monitoring" the structure. "The subway has been built to connect an entry structure with the under-construction Bhikaji Cama Place metro station of Phase III and the work was wrapped up on January 19 this year," said the spokesperson.