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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Australian state prepares for drought after driest June

Melbourne: The Victorian government in Australia is preparing to enter into drought after an unusually dry winter, it was revealed on Wednesday.

According to a new threshold introduced by Premier Daniel Andrews, Victoria begins preparations for drought when dams sink to 60 per cent full, compared to the previous threshold of 54.1 per cent, Xinhua news agency reported.

"It guarantees we have a rainfall-independent, large-scale water supply to support catchments, our communities and water-dependent industries."

The desalination plant is capable of producing 150 gigaliters of clean water every year, though plans to increase its capacity to 200 gigaliters have been flagged.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said the dry period was likely to continue in the spring.

"Following the very dry conditions in June and modest rainfall this month, soil moisture is below average across much of the state, and most notably in the catchment regions to the east," a BOM spokesperson said.

"In general, the recent conditions and outlook are consistent with lower flows into dams in the coming two months," he said.


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Monday, 17 July 2017

Blast at Pune ordinance factory kills 2, injures many

Pune: At least two people were killed in an explosion at India's premier ordinance factory here on Thursday.

According to media reports, the blast occurred around 9.30 AM when "rejected ammunition" was being shifted.

Several people were injured in the blast.

Military experts are conducting investigations at the blast site in which there was no damage to any buildings in the establishment, IANS reported citing an official statement.

The victims have been identified as Ashok Kashinath Dubal, 51 and S. Maria Rokh, 47, both local residents in Khadki, the statement said.

The ordinance factory, one of the oldest such factories in the country, is located in Khadki in Pune.

The factory manufactures various night warfare items like pyrotechnic ammunition, for the security forces.

The facility started manufacturing these items since 1920s.


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Friday, 19 May 2017

New China-made assault chopper makes lady flight

BEIJING: The China-made assault helicopter Z-19E made its deput flight from the Harbin air terminal on Thursday denoting a noteworthy stride towards the nation's entrance into the worldwide market for contentious choppers.

In light of the Z-19's plan, the 19E can be utilized as a part of fast reaction, low-affect and continuous assault missions, the China National Radio detailed.

Vice president architect Li Shengwei said the helicopter is outfitted with security elements to enhance the pilot's survival rate.

"The Z-19E and Z-9 are comparative in many regards," Li said.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Transport strike in Tamil Nadu pulled back

Chennai: The three-day transport strike in Tamil Nadu by 10 unions was pulled back on Tuesday night taking after an understanding come to on different issues in talks amongst them and the administration.

The administration was spoken to by school training clergyman K A Sengottaiyan, power serve P Thangamani, and transport serve M R Vijayabhaskar.

The vehicle unions were spoken to by the DMK-sponsored Labor Progressive Front and CITU, among others.

"The administration will dispense Rs 1,250 crore to clear pending levy and wage amendment talks will be hung on May 24," Vijayabhaskar told columnists.

LPF general secretary M Shanmugham said the strike was being pulled back after the affirmations from the administration.

He said the administration has guaranteed the unions that the strike period would be considered leave days and that no move would be made against the individuals who taken an interest in the strike.

The AIADMK-upheld Anna Workers Federation pioneer R Chinnaswamy said thanks to Chief Minister K Palniswami for the arrival of Rs 1,250 crore to clear exceptional duty.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Barack Obama begins characterizing his new part in the time of Donald Trump

WASHINGTON: Former President Barack Obama is beginning to characterize his new part in the time of Donald Trump.

Obama's quick come back to the spotlight has been cheered by a few Democrats, who are as yet filtering through the destruction of the gathering's devastating thrashings in the November race. Be that as it may, the consideration encompassing Obama has additionally amplified the vacuum for new Democratic administration, a reality that helpers say is not lost on the previous president.

"He's intensely mindful that when the previous president talks, he devours a ton of the oxygen," said Eric Schultz, Obama's senior counselor. "He needs to ensure we prepare for the up and coming era of pioneers."

In view of that, Obama is picking his spots painstakingly.

Amid a discourse Sunday night in Boston, he encouraged individuals from Congress to have "fearlessness" as Trump presses for the cancelation of his mark social insurance law, reviewing the Democrats who were cleared into office with him in 2009, however lost their seats subsequent to throwing votes for the "Obamacare" measure. In any case, he maintained a strategic distance from an extensive safeguard of the law Democrats ripped through in 2010 and did not scrutinize the bill House Republicans passed a week ago. 

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Monday, 8 May 2017

US Air Force's undercover X-37B plane comes back to earth following 718 days – what was it doing up there?

Washington: Central Floridians woke up to the hints of a sonic blast when US Air Force`s cryptic X-37B flying machine come back to Earth subsequent to being in the space constant for 718 days.

OTV-4 was the fourth and longest-running mission keep running by the US Air Force`s Rapid Capabilities Office. The program started as a NASA extend however was later exchanged to the Pentagon.

US mystery air ship comes back to earth

The US Air Force has two X-37B planes worked by Boeing and they are misleadingly little in size, at any rate when contrasted with a space carry.

This X-37Bs additionally lift off vertically as a space transport and float back to the earth in an arranged succession, much the same as other space transports made by NASA.

In spite of the fact that the unmanned X-37Bs measure only 9 feet 6 creeps in stature and are 29 feet 3 inches long, the flying machine conveys a marvelous level of stunningness on its wings.

The US Air Force has been exceptionally hidden about what precisely are the mission for which X-37B invests these long stretches of energy in the space.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Congress did not battle the way it ought to have: Sheila Dikshit

NEW DELHI: Former Delhi boss pastor and Congress pioneer Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday said the Congress did not crusade forcefully to win the city surveys and included that she had not been welcome to battle for gathering applicants.

Inquired as to why she didn't battle for Congress applicants, Dikshit stated: "I was not welcomed for any of the crusade programs. On the off chance that I would have been educated I would have positively done."

Her comments came as tallying patterns demonstrated the BJP was driving in 141 wards, while the AAP was at second spot, driving in 40 and the Congress in 28 wards.

On charges by the AAP of messing with the EVMs, Dikshit stated: "Champs and washouts have diverse variants to the issue. However, for a situation like this, the legislature and the Election Commission ought to think of an answer."

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